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NRA Personal Protection In The Home course

NRA Personal Protection In The Home course


Learn how to protect yourself and your family both in and out of your home with in-home mindset, defensive plan, and firearms focused training and personal protection training courses. Get more information about the curriculum and focus of the PPITH course details below.

  • PPITH Course Details

    Prerequisite: This course is for law-abiding adult citizens, as defined by applicable federal, state or local law, and experienced shooters (shooters able to show mastery of the basic skills of safe gun handling, shooting a group, zeroing the firearm, and cleaning the firearm). Prospective participants can demonstrate that they have the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes by producing an NRA Basic Pistol Course Certificate, NRA FIRST Steps Course Certificate, NRA pistol competitive shooting qualification card, military DD 214 with pistol qualification, or passing the Pre-Course Assessment.

    Description: This is an eight-hour course. Students should expect to shoot a minimum 100 rounds of ammunition. Students will learn basic defensive shooting skills; strategies for home safety and responding to a violent confrontation; firearms and the law; how to choose a handgun for self-defense; and continued opportunities for skill development. Students will receive the NRA Guide to the Basics of Personal Protection In The Home handbook, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification booklet, and course completion certificate.

    Note: Lesson III of this course—Firearms and the Law, and Legal Aspects of Self-Defense—is presented by an attorney licensed to practice law within the state in which this course is given and who is familiar with this area of the law; a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) who possesses an intermediate or higher Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certificate granted within the state; or an individual currently certified to instruct in this area of the law by the state in which this course is presented. NRA certified instructors may conduct this lesson only if they meet the requirements stated above, and then only in their capacity as an attorney or other state certified individual, not in their capacity as an NRA certified instructor.


    This course is one of certified instructor presented materials, skills, coaching. Neither the course or the instructor makes any guarantees to the ability of the student to understand, retain or properly utilize information and skills acquired in this course. The course and it's instructor(s) and presenters ernestly desire to give the student the best possible service and knowledge to prepare them for having the skills and information to make legal, ethical and safe decisions and actions in their own lives. This course does NOT guarantee the success of the student or its outcome neither in the course or beyond the course. 

    Refunds are at the full discretion of the instructor, however, in general, refunds will be issued for any funds successfully paid and collected where the course is rescheduled, relocated or cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of the student and where rescheduling or other modifications cannot be completed with the student.  Deposits may be forfeited by the student if s/he withdraws or cancels from a course or does not complete that s/he successfully registerd for and paid a deposit or full price. Refunds are not given if the student fails to meet the written, firearms shooting or commits any agregious safety violations during any part of the course. Refunds will NOT be given if it is discovered or determined that the student did not meet the requirements of the course with regard to criminal record related to the course content or guidlines of the NRA which s/he denied during registration.

  • Materials Required

    All details of Course materials, required equipmanet and supplies will be published AND/OR communicated to the students.


    Instructor provided items:
    Generally, course materials and presentation materials. Targets, target stands, etc.

    Student provided items:
    Notetaking material, pen, LEAD PENCIL/ERASER, highlighters, bookmarks/post-its, etc. are supplied by the student. All firearms, holsters, mag pouches, sturdy belts, safety glasses, hearing protection. All required ammunition, gun flags, dummy rounds, cleaning kits/supplies. Recommended: sun screen, bug spray, water, snacks, personal first aid kit, mobile device.

  • Course & Range Locations

    The locations, dates and times of the course will be published and communication as reasonably necessary. The classroom and range portions of course my be conducted on the same dates or split into multiple sessions based on the needs of the facilities and student needs. Classroom and range protions may be at the same loctions or at separate locations as announced with class schedule details.

Course Date
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